Experiential S.T.E.A.M. Learning


Engineering courses are taught using a Problem-Based Learning approach and the Engineering Design Process. These courses are intended to provide students with a hands-on experiential learning approach to promote real-world problem-solving.

Elementary Engineering

Middle School Engineering

High School Engineering

BioMedical Science

Biochemical Science Courses are taught with an emphasis on earth, life, and physical sciences. Students work through the Scientific Inquiry Process to make hypotheses, conduct experiments, collect and assess data, and reach data backed conclusions.

Elementary Science

Middle School science

High school science

Computer Science

Coding is the universal language of the future. It is the language of technology, innovation and creation. Learn how to code to create games, websites, apps, and more. Science courses are taught using the free code.org curriculum. These courses are intended to expose students to coding and programming, and to provide them with computer science instruction that is accessible wherever they may go.

Computer Science Fundamental

Grades Pre/K-5

Ages 4-10

Computer Science Discoveries

Grades 6-8

Ages 11-13

Computer Science Principles

Grades 9-12

Ages 13-18